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Han River Thema Park

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Aerial view of an apartment complex  → Aerial view of the park

  • In 2000, this was originally a planned site for an apartment complex. Thanks to concerted effort among local residents, businesses and the government in pursuing public interest, environment preservation, the construction plan was scrapped and instead an ecological park was created.

  • Four companies that planned the construction, GS E&C, Woonam, Heungseon and the Korea Housing Promotion, two environmental organizations, the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement and the Citizens’ Movement for Environmental Justice and the Ministry of Environment agreed to suspend the plan to build high-rise apartment buildings in Paldang Water Supply under the condition that appropriate reimbursement be made for the companies. The government and civic groups joined forces to resolve a conflict and achieve a common goal of protecting the environment, which clearly demonstrated the importance of corporate social responsibility. As for the government, it proposed an unprecedented alternative, making the incident the best practice for conflict resolution between businesses, civic groups and the government. The result of the mutual effort was the ‘Yangsuri Ecological Park’ built on the planned site.
  • It prevented discharge of domestic wastewater from apartment buildings estimated at 1,594 tons per day.

  • With the suspension of the construction, the production of wastewater which was estimated at 1,594 per day at its maximum(200 liters/person, 5 persons/household, 1,594 households) near the water supply was fundamentally prevented. Thanks to the social consensus, an ecological park was built featuring various trees, flowering plants, community facilities and natural waterways to reduce nonpoint pollutant sources.
  • In order to eliminate nonpoint source pollution, which occurs as the result of runoff from rain, small yet varied biospheres such as natural streams, ecological ponds and purifying plants were created, securing the stability and sustainability of ecosystems.

  • The Yangsuri Ecological Park is built in Yangsuri, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun where the Namhan and Bukhan rivers meet. Through ecological restoration, the park enhances the self-purifying ability of an ecosystem and helps improve the water quality of the Han River. Also, it serves as a learning place for visitors and a resting place for residents.