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Han River Thema Park

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The Han River serves as the water source for 25 million citizens in the capital region. To protect the precious water source, the Ministry of Environment, by law, designates riparian buffer zones for 500m - 1km from the water edge along the upstream banks of the Han River. The Ministry also gives the zones special cares, including expropriating lands within the buffer and establishing greens along the banks (riparian eco-belts).

The riparian eco-belts have significant ecological values as habitat for many plants and animals and serve as a buffer that prevents dusts, particles and other pollutants on roads and agricultural lands from getting into the river.

The following are representative themed centers in the riparian eco-belts.

Theme parks by river

  • The Han River Eco Learning Center : Namhan River
  • The Gapyeong Samhoe Eco-Restoration Zone : Bukhan River
  • The Yangsuri Eco Park : Namhan River, Bukhan River

Theme parks by type

  • The Han River Eco Learning Center : Restoration of wetland ecology
  • The Gapyeong Samhoe Eco-Restoration Zone: Restoration of forest and river ecology
  • The Yangsuri Eco Park : Best practice of transforming an apartment construction site into an eco-park

The three ecological restoration zones of Han River watershed, Han River Eco Learning Center, Gapyeong Samhoe Ecological Restoration Zone and Yangsuri Ecological Park serve as promotion, learning centers and hubs for waterside areas, contributing to the growth of local community and ecological education as well as the improvement of water quality.