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Han River Thema Park

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  • Ecological restoration project began with an aim to return the banks of the Namhan River, once destroyed by aggregate extraction, to willow trees , reeds and birds.

    Built in December 2002 and open to public on March 2004, the Han River Eco Learning Center is riverside wetlands restored from an aggregate extraction site on the banks of the Namhan River, as per the ‘Paldang Special Comprehensive Measures’ . It is home to a variety of water plants including reeds and raupo and is where spotbill ducks, black coots and moorhens build their nest and raise their chicks. Minnows and carps find their way to the pond and scores of winter visitors such as mallard ducks and tufted ducks rest their wings.
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  • Treated water from a sewage treatment plant passes through waterways and ponds, undergoing natural purification.

    Treated water from the Gangha Terminal Sewage Disposal Plant, which used to flow directly into the Han River is now making a detour around many water plant ponds including Marum Pond and Changpo Pond as well as a 1-kilometer-long waterway. Various water plants living in the ponds such as reeds, raupo, water speedwell and water parsley enable natural purification, contributing to improving water quality of the Han River.
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  • We offer diverse ecological exploration programs which allow students to appreciate the beauty of nature and discover wisdom to co-exist with it.

    Situated on 20,000 pyeong of land, the Han River Eco Learning Center embraced the concepts of a preservation zone, a buffer zone and an exploration zone, adding sustainability to its role as a natural habitat and a place of eco-learning. We provide various ecological exploration programs such as Nature Observation and Migratory Bird Watching to give visitors an opportunity to experience dynamic and ever-changing ecosystems and develop positive attitudes about nature.
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