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Han River Thema Park

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The banks of the Bukhan River damaged by revetment, farmland and restaurants have transformed into riverside and forest ecosystems, an important habitat for many species.

The site is of high ecological value, as it provides habitat for legally protected species such as mandarina ducks designated as a natural monument, endangered wildlife species (level 2) Fabriciana nerippe and Polygonatum stenophyllum Maxim. However, revetment separated the river and land, dealing a heavy blow to an ecotone (area between two different ecosystems) which is home to diverse species. The Ministry of Environment responded by tearing down the wall and restoring the banks to protect natural scenery and biodiversity.


The zone is a representative waterside ecological belt model created by the government to promote and raise public awareness about the importance of riverside areas and the Han River basin.

The government strategically purchased damaged land in riverside areas and transformed it into a riverside green belt. The Gapyeong Samhoe Ecological Restoration Zone (146,202㎡) serves as a buffer zone that absorbs and reduces pollutants from nearby roads and farmland to prevent them flowing directly into the Bukhan River. The Visitor Center promotes and provides education programs to visitors about the function and importance of waterside areas and a waterside ecological belt with many photos and other teaching tools.
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