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Han River Ecological Learning Center

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  • Introduction

    Specifically designed to restore, raise awareness on and promote ecology, the Han River Watershed Theme Park is a representative model for waterside ecological belts which help enhance water quality and restore water ecosystems.

  • About the Han River Eco Learning center

    Built in December 2002 and open to public on March 2004, the Han River Eco Learning Center is riverside wetlands restored from an aggregate extraction site on the banks of the Namhan River, as per the ¡®Paldang Special Comprehensive Measures¡¯.

  • About the Gapyeong Samhoe Eco-Restoration

    The banks of the Bukhan River damaged by farmland and restaurants and separated by revetment were restored by tearing down the wall to protect natural scenery and biodiversity. Ecological exploration and hands-on learning are provided all year round.

  • About the Yangsuri Eco Park

    In 2000, this was originally a planned site for an apartment complex. Thanks to concerted effort among local residents, businesses and the government in pursuing public interest, environment preservation, the construction plan was scrapped and instead an ecological park was created.

  • Operation Guide

    Reservations required for all visitors. (200 visitors per day)

    09:00 ~ 18:00
    (09:00 ~ 17:00 during winter)


The Han River Eco Learning Center